Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF 3"

Great job.

Overall I enjoyed it.

At this point, it's tough to make a unique Phoenix Wrong, but I wasn't forced to roll my eyes at a cliche more than once-- the metal growls with Von Karma are done done and over done, but Godot's extra long spit take redeemed it quickly.

Also, just cos I'm a nerd-- I noticed that (I forget his name! ahhhh) big fat guy lawyer's office has the cowboy painting in it, and then in the very next scene with Redd White, the cowboy painting is there, too! Spoilers! :P

Crazy as hell

Random, great work with making the images match the music/audio.
I can't say much more then i like it...and if i was in a court and three guy's (one with some strange cybor eyes was singing "Moskau, Moskau" at me... i woule great really, really worried.

fusion-of-flash responds:

Hey Evil-Iron :D Long time no see!

Haha ye that's some creepy prosecutor trio :P

Thanks for ur review :P

Really good!

I enjoyed it! You took your time and made sure everything matched up, and you picked some awesome audio! Great job! This definitely has my vote for the Phoenix Wrong collection. I'm wondering if we'll be seeing anymore from you?

fusion-of-flash responds:

Thanks man ^^

And yes, I'll probably make some more flashes when I have time and intrest in a project, tho I can't be 100 % certain :P

Have my babies...

I love these Flashes man...

Keep it up.

fusion-of-flash responds:

Thanks alot! :)

Very Awsome Keep em Coming

This is one of my favorites group of videos on new grounds good job!

fusion-of-flash responds:

Great that people still enjoys this sorta flash movies :D