Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF 3"

F' Yeah!

This totally renewed my faith in Phoenix Wrong flashes! There's been some so-so and doggy ones coming out, and frankly, I thought the fad was dead (especially with the lame ones folks were doing). But this comes out of no where with such vigor that it floored me! Great quotes, and great interpretation of them with the Phoenix characters! I loved this! Phoenix Wrong still has tons of comedic potential, it just requires some judicious choices in quotes and flashery. Two thumbs up!

fusion-of-flash responds:

Thanks for the review! :D

We certainly need more Phoenix Wrong in the portal :D

Last guy has no sense of humor

This was pretty funny and got me loling at some parts, gonna check out your other flash's to see if they're any good. Also nice adding the scene select with the keys, there weren't really any parts that i re watched a lo, but it's a cool feature so you don't have to re watch the whole thing to the a single joke again.

Oh and I'm not 13 nor do I like the Phoenix Wright series as a game (but for jokes it's great), but Xth, your review IS useless

fusion-of-flash responds:

I'm really glad you liked this :D
And also, you are the only one so far mentioning the scene selection in your review so it's very nice to hear that you like the feature so I can use it in further movies :) Thanks!

And the review below this is just a guy tired of these movies :P I dont agree with him at all but idc very much either ^^

This one is terribly overrated!

So you basically ripped the graphics and animations from a video game, added random audio clips from movies or series and you made that flash. The humor and the visuals are good but they're not yours. When you're gonna do a sprite movie like this one, at least try to add your own voice acting and work on your own script and jokes. I give you one star for your effort to tween some of the sprites. And yes I expect all the 13 yr olds who like the videogame to mark my review as useless. I wish there was something in your flash I could constructively criticize. Sorry.


fusion-of-flash responds:

Sure, Np :)

I make these for the ppl who likes it and many does I but I dont expect everyone to do that. Thanks for the review ^^


Beautiful. Just beautiful!

Phoenix Wrong is So Right

I seem to really connect to the humor that goes into these Phoenix Wrong flashes so that probably the reason I enjoy them so much. I only advise you to supply newgrounds with more of your genius animations. Looking for the next new flash!