Reviews for ".flaswf"

Haha great stuff

Now as I start up on this Wonderfully start to a flash, Apparently I have missed this when it first came out but glad I have a chance to check it out now, and I must say I am Absolutely enjoying your idea here It has Suited me just right and was a good Treat to check out. Allthough this was short but it was pretty funny and a good idea, characters were great, and humor was spot on, nice work indeed. Anyways good entertainment here you really know how to push the effort to the next level, and you really bring it out on the screen so nice job on this one and good effort here, And its sad that im comming close to the end of this review because I really liked what you had to offer here, My Prospective on this it was something differant and nifty.

I like what you have presented here, Its a good production and presents some decent quality of a film work here, I like how this flows along But there could be some more Tweaks To be honest i would just want this longer and more to it, maybe even making a short series out of this.



its the simple humor i like about this. i think it's really good. and i love your other stuff too. keep it up!


I liked this video and i got flash today so could u give me some pointers some time?


Nice on the voice and everythingz!


That last part was dark!
if i were my character right now i would say the wasn't enough.
but since i'm not i have to say that was unnecessary.