Reviews for ".flaswf"

Was good.

It was smooth and nice and gave a good description of the diffrences between a Fla. file and a Swf. file.

The ending was kinda weird i'm guessing it was to do with the creater finishing the movie and no longer needing that Fla and only the Swf.

Generaly it was good but short. Keep it up.

That was radical.

That actually answered my question why fla files are so much larger than swf files. Anyway, the animation was really good, and the voices you provided for your characters were very funny. The ending was really cool, you made the animator look awesome. I'm sure your instructor will give you a good grade for this. Keep up the great work!


I liked the ending... but I didnt understand it lol. It was just the random explosion that got me. xD

Haha that was wicked

I really loved this,animation was great along with the voice acting and the end was priceless,this was one hell of a wicked flash man.

it was good but

what happened to MOM?