Reviews for ".flaswf"

Good flash

Hey, it's me, Ericho again! Just wanted to say that it was strange seeing such a new style of flash from you, but still good to see. I'm also curious as to why you're making this other account, and why you haven't responded to any of my reviews! I have a lot more reviews and experience than you! Ha ha ha! Anyway, the animation is good as usual.


Wow...this isn't the first time we've seen the sadistic side of Kirb...*COUGH TTA COUGH*

This is hilarious. 5/5 10/10


Very Funny

For a short video this was very enjoyable. I watched it a few times in a row which is a rare thing for me. The combination of comedy with a little bit of teaching was great. Keep up the good work!


What did happen to Mommy?


Really good and original. Keep going!