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Reviews for "Skate Flash Collab 3"

Really good

The one that stuck to me the most was that notebook one. That was ingenious, I dont know who did that one, but that was top- notch. The otheres were really good too, But seriously I loved that notebook one. 5\5

MarcyVF rules!

Seriously! I love your animation. I keep waiting for the next episode to come out with the skater dude, I think his name is jim, could be wrong, I'm tired, and sick.

Nice but...

I think only Marcy and Tommy should get the credit on this animation,
Their parts in the collab are better than the others.

TommyVF and MarcyVF Rock!!!!!


Well, the art and animation was phenomenal. But, the ending wasn't too good, and neither was the menu (even though you explained why). Another thing was that the transition was strange; one person would say their name at the beginning while others at the end and still others who didn't even put their name on their video. The art was awesome, but the rest was a bit lacking. 8/10 4/5


I give it a 8 because it wasn't so great its good but some animations i didn't like one was like umm ok?? because it was randomly weird