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Reviews for "Skate Flash Collab 3"


um...whoever said that song was rage against the machine should be shot...two or three times, the hand drawn one was the coolest, 7 because of the song thing


That was really awesome. I liked all the styles that you guys used and i think this movie has inspired me to start animating again because i just reallised what cool and fun things u can make :D

Pretty Cool, Pretty Cool

It was an alright flash. Some of the flashes were better than others, and some of them I just didn't like (not gonna say which). My favorite was the notebook skateboarding drawing animation. NOW THAT WAS AMAZING!!! It blew my mind. Nice.

not so great

i really like skateboarding but this was lame. the only parts i liked were the kid in the grass who loves his board and the one who blows up the big k mart.
the animations were below avg and the effects/stunts illustrated were repetitive and simple.

you guys could have done alot better, shame on you. 10minutes time out.

To be quite honest...

I don't really like skateboarding. So I didn't really enjoy it, not that my opinion means much to anybody lol. I'm sure a lot of people really enjoyed this. I only liked one part of it. WHEN INVISIBOY DROPPED HIS ICE CREAMMMM :D