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Reviews for "Skate Flash Collab 3"


that sketch was incredible!


Marcy and MorrowDays ROCKET!!!!!! 5/5 10/10

for the rest it sucked pretty hard dudes. 2/5 4/10


i loved the one on papers! it never occured to me to do it like that, i had been making do with just using my imaginations!! (i like drawing a lot but cant use the godam mouse on my coputer also i cant afford/cant be bothered to buy flash ( i lovem demos (theyre free)) so i draw on paper its so kwl!, but now i candraw it and watch it too...... k,)
anways thatwas awsome, and its a shame you dint have the goo ass menus (they just make it whole :P) yays!


the sketch was my favorate

I got to ask u

How do u did that flash moving on real papper??????