Reviews for "Missile Man 2"


Hmm verry cool!Much better then the first one.

14StoryDesign responds:

Thanks antoan3!

Darn Birds! =)

That was alot hardrer than the first one.

"Wow you are so sooo cool man....."

It truly deserved this 5/5 and 10/10 from me! The intro was nice, holstering a man with a radio and a rocket, the game was nice, but I found a few glitches.... :(| When you double - clicked the mouse when the game was over, I saw my score was really 206, then it said, "your score: 206" then I clicked the mouse and it said for a second: "your score: 0" and went back to the game screen. I liked how you drew those birds and obstacles and stuff. Jeez, was it hard! Those GODDAMN birds and especially that STUPID jumping man! I felt as if I could make the missile move into him right then! Anyway, enough of that. Here are a few things to work on:

The smoke - If you try and try but the smoke disappears in a flash because of _alpha, then remove the smoke. It might also block the view of the person's cursor, but that's what it's supp-hosed to do, ha ha!

The man you control - If you try and just make the man move using the arrow keys using the if(Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT){ or if(Key.isDown(Key.LEFT){ then it might - no, not might, WILL get a higher rating - I guarantee.

Lolz that jumping man...............
Might be good enough for a platform game like the guy below me says.....if you just work on the parts I told you about.

If this advice helps you build the full version of this game, then don't forget to credit me! No, not the NG API, I hate that thing.
P.S PM me.

14StoryDesign responds:

Thanks Sanjeev! I am enjoying getting the feedback. I have been making small Flash things for years but most of it has stayed unseen.

I will work on getting the smoke working better. The response I get is that people like the smoke, it just slows down the flash interpreter. So I am going to try and reduce the frequency and then I can sustain it longer.



ha great game

love all stickfig games this one as well as all the others