Reviews for "Missile Man 2"

Found a bug!!!

Welll the game is awsome.But i noticed that if you put the cursor at the mouth of the launcher,the missle*s tail will get hooked in the cursor.Also if you blow up and press play again when you start again it restarts only 1 more time..Nonetheless a great game.
Keep up the good work.

PS:Me want MORE!!!!!!!!!!

14StoryDesign responds:

Hey thanks! That helps, I will check that out and see if I can fix it!


Heh, pretty fun idea. Could use a bit more but other then that Keep up the good work.

14StoryDesign responds:

Thanks for the encouragement!

very nice

good graphics and a fun game, one suggestion, put like avoid everything in the directions because at first I thought was meant to hit the birds and stuff. But awesome game

14StoryDesign responds:

Thanks, will do!