Reviews for "Missile Man 2"


My high score was 1403!! ;)


I like the new effects, but I still think the smoke should continue for the entire time the rocket is in the air (though perhaps smaller and more transparent particles). Try creating 10 or so smoke particles and then recycle one each frame.

Also, as mentioned below, if the rocket launches with the mouse pointer too close, it will sort of attach itself to the pointer, and you can then move the pointer around slowly and the rocket does not blow up! I'm not sure how you are doing the rocket hit test, but it should be possible to make it test all points instead of just hit testing on the nose.

RAWR FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but good at the same time. :>

Pretty cool.

Nice new idea for once. Kind of boring after ont a few minutes, but a quick time waster.


Hmm verry cool!Much better then the first one.

14StoryDesign responds:

Thanks antoan3!