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Reviews for "{dj-N} Call the PoPo!"

"SwagStep" lmao

I'm feeling it! I haven't listened to your tracks for a while (Or any of the few artists I used to follow on NG) and I'm quite happy you've expanded your scope onto dubstep. I will check out everything I have missed by you in due time.

What I like about the track... well I would say it doesn't go over the top with the dub which I feel a lot of the mainsteam dubstep does. It has a nice flow. The drop is introduced nicely. I like the piano in it a lot, it works really well. I would love to a 5 minute version of this song 'cause I think the lows and highs could work even better given a longer length =).

Hey there, I love all of your songs. In fact, they are one of the reasons I decided to start trying to make music. I contacted you a while back (I doubt you'll remember). My username was xSpyderx or something. I had asked what program you use and stuff. The program you use isn't for mac, and I have a mac.

So, I did some research, and found some cool programs for making music. I am submitting a song right now (it still has to be approved by mods). I can't stop listening to your music. Keep it up!

love it !!! respect

I'm digging that beat :3 Love the whole thing.