Reviews for "Why So Delicious?"


i didnt really like it but ill rate it high anyway 10/10 5/5! ;D

TheMillz responds:

Can't argue with logic like that


lol ignore the summary. you mae the jokers voice really well(if it wasnt you who was it?) and the animation was just as good as it needed to be. man, this is the best joker parody in the entire internets. this totally deserves aily feature and front page.

TheMillz responds:

Thanks. Here's hoping right? Anyway, yea that was my voice. I must admit I'm pretty happy with how it came out. That voicce acting is tougher than I imagined. I thought you just spoke into the recorder and that was that, but I ended up doing a whole bunch of retakes b/c I didn't like the way it sounded or if I just plain old said the wrong thing ( you'd be surprise how often that happened ) but thanks for the review :)


Excellent parody! - sounds almost identical.

Omg i loved it......

LMAO! This parody is awesome!