Reviews for "Why So Delicious?"

You Murdered the movie.

Okay, you didn't murder the movie, I'm just being silly. It was actually quite good, and I enjoyed myself. Oh, and I also laughed.

TheMillz responds:

Oh you...


That was really funny man, who doesn't like jokes about those Joker speeches? Pretty close to spot on with the joker voice too, nice job!

TheMillz responds:

Thanks, I thought it would make for a pretty good premise. From the movie, we can infer there is no "set in stone" true story about the scars, so I wanted to portray an over-all silly story about their origin. Plus, I got to animate and voice the joker, how cool was that?


Haha hey its the guy you hate! ISNT THAT JUST GREAT!? Well anyway, this was some really nice voice acting. The only thing I saw was that it was bad quality. O_o But that is the mics problem. Funny stuff here man, great job. :D

P.S. if you ever need VOICE ACTING, THEN you can ask me! Cause I voice act now and people seem to like it. :3

(Clap, Clap, Clap) LOL!

absolutely ****ING loved it!
keep going as you are brillient at makeing flash movies and games.
keep it coming


that was awesome. i laughed so hard at the lobster part and the peanut butter part.