Reviews for "Why So Delicious?"


i didnt really like it but ill rate it high anyway 10/10 5/5! ;D

TheMillz responds:

Can't argue with logic like that

You Murdered the movie.

Okay, you didn't murder the movie, I'm just being silly. It was actually quite good, and I enjoyed myself. Oh, and I also laughed.

TheMillz responds:

Oh you...


Kinda funny, but let's face it you're no Heath Ledger.

TheMillz responds:

It's too soon to crack a joke like " yea, I'm still alive", so I'll just agree with you on that. That was never the point though, I just wanted to do a joker flash and tried to sound the best I could for the part.


Simply loved it. I haven't even seen the Dark Knight, but I can still appreciate the humor in this flash. I don't agree with your comment stating that the audio is bad. It sounded perfectly fine to me. Awesome flash, the best new submission I've seen today, although that doesn't really say that much.

TheMillz responds:

My God man, GO SEE IT! It's awesome ;)

Thanks for the review, tell your friends! :)

Just.. wow. Why so hilarious?

I laughed SO many times during this. Your accurate animation, including the Joker's lip-'compulsion' thing.. Just.. so so funny. So detailed, so.. just so accurate!
Fifteen, and favorited.

I love you, good sir.

TheMillz responds:

Why thank you, glad you liked it! Nice reviews are always fun to read, thank you!