Reviews for "Why So Delicious?"


I didn't like the movie at all, so I deemed this as alright. Great idea, though.

TheMillz responds:



that was pure genius man well done!
i agree with miniman that was wicked voice acting you sounded just like him sept you changed a serious situation into a delicious one! :P
nice one XD
oooo and R.I.P heath

TheMillz responds:

Thanks man, I wanted to get close to his performance without actually stepping over the line of "over doing it". Ok enough BS, I just wanted people to be able to hear what I was saying. So far, the reviews said the audio wasn't bad, maybe it's just me. I hear the feedback of, I guess silence is what it is...

Anyway, thanks for the review :)


Great animation and voicing! 10 start :)
A little fight in ya, i like that

TheMillz responds:

Dude, thanks!

I threw that lobster cooking part in totally last minute, it came to me just before I was in the final stages, crazy the way things work out.


Wow. Funny.

Lol, no way to improve! This is the first 10 I've gave in a long time.

TheMillz responds:

Cool, thanks, I was worried people wouldn't think it was funny XD

Little Creepy but Good

I liked the art drawing, the way you made the motions, and the story the Joker told but it was told in a creepy way. With that said I found the movie enjoyable and hope I get to see more in the future.

TheMillz responds:

Sorry for creeping you out, but Joker's a scary guy man!