Reviews for "Why So Delicious?"


I thought the mouth animation was kinda irritating.... I don't know, I guess maybe not enough shapes? And the lips disappeared when he opened his mouth. Anyway, the voicing was excellent, and the joke is pretty clever.

TheMillz responds:

Thanks, I just wanted to get the joke out really. I'm currently working on other "big" projects, this was meant to be a fast little "oh look, movie reference" joke.

Great audio

But flash wasnt so good :(

TheMillz responds:

Thanks, it's my first Voice job. I actually don't even have a mic, I just recorded my wall and spoke into the camera, then imported the video, separated the audio, kept that, and trashed the video. Then I animated over that like anything else.

I like it too!

Good job on this. Animation was decent enough, but the voice I'm assuming is that key player.

TheMillz responds:

I did work pretty hard to try to mimic the voice from the movie, I'm just glad it came out as good as it did. I recorded the lines on a Nikkon 'Coolpix' L18 ( for the love of God, nobody purchase that camera! ) which sucked, but I didn't have a mic, so I just made due.

Thanks for reviewing, glad you liked it :)

Pretty good

Not bad,

Just some advice though. Next time, you should just record silence in your room, then have it play on a layer of your animation that way there's no 'pop' when you start talking.

TheMillz responds:

Hey I never thought of that, it seems so obvious now. Thanks man, I'll use that!


That was really funny man, who doesn't like jokes about those Joker speeches? Pretty close to spot on with the joker voice too, nice job!

TheMillz responds:

Thanks, I thought it would make for a pretty good premise. From the movie, we can infer there is no "set in stone" true story about the scars, so I wanted to portray an over-all silly story about their origin. Plus, I got to animate and voice the joker, how cool was that?