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Reviews for "Cave Story-B4SSfreq Remix"

Epic and grimey track right hurr.

Delicious wai?
- The build-up is more than adequately matched by the drop, several times in the song
- The way you worked the underlying melody (8-bit synths, nomnom) as a counterbalance to the harmonics is epic

I don't think anything else really needs to be said at this point. Well done.

alextheDJ responds:

Thanks! Awesome review :)

awesome sounds, also the drop was really cool. how do you get that kind of effect on the bass?

alextheDJ responds:

Thanks! I'm assuming your talking about the second (dubstep) drop? I'm actually quite proud of that first bass. It's basically a custom made FM8 patch that's gliding down in pitch.

Haven't played that game in ages.
It's awesome!! I enjoyed the song.
Keep up the good work man!

alextheDJ responds:

The ironic things is, I haven't actually played the game xD. I just heard the theme somewhere and digged it. Thanks!