Reviews for "Pointless game 2"


A good game. 'nuff said

Ducksink responds:

Glad you liked it^^


Beatles 'n' bricks.
Isn't that just lovely. :D
I liked this, very inventive, but yes, pointless.
But that's not a bad thing. x3

Pointless but Fun

Even though you claimed that the game was pointless it was pretty interesting mostly because I've yet to play a game like this before I think more innovative games need to be made. The only thing I would advice fixing on this post would be the load screen and maybe the play mechanics a little. The load screen said loading but the load bar never loaded but that's not a big problem. As for the game itself, I would probably use a smaller object for the cursor if the screen is gonig to fly by that fast. Best of Luck on your future projects!

Ducksink responds:

Thank you very much on this review, I really appriciate it, the loading screen appears to be fine when I look at it, You might be right on the size thing but hey, the point of the sped up blocks is to make it more difficult for the player, and that's exactly what it does :) .


That was awesome! 1:08!

pointless but that what the game is about

great game love it petty hard aswell got to 1.24

kinda pointless but that the point nice game great music

beattles all the way