Reviews for "Pointless game 2"

i like it

simple fun and amusing

one quick question, who created the song being played in the background

Ducksink responds:

The beatles of course.

Great game

Whats the song?

Ducksink responds:

The song is Lucy in the sky with diamonds by the beatles (Lucy - L Sky - S Diamonds - D) :)

Nice !

Very original, never seen anything like this. Pretty fun !

Ducksink responds:

Why thank you,


game is addicting, but i don't like that when your mouse slips off the screen you lose the abilty to move the object, it makes it far more difficulet, but an exilent game


I have problems with loading screen too,had to pass with "right click>next".Maybe it only happens at Mozilla Firefox.Sorry for my bad English.

But anyway,I can tell it worth playing.

Ducksink responds:

Oh I see what you two were talking about and I fixed it.