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Reviews for "Portal Physics (Beta)"


Awesome Beta. If you could get the horizontal portal working, this, I swear would get like 10s all around.



not great but

i no this isnt the greatest game ever but hey portal was an incredible game and i aprecceiate (i spelled that wrong) what you are trying to do here for that you get a 6 a couple suggestions

make a seperate portal for horizontal and verticle objects having a verticle portal on a horizontal object is kind of strange
make a seperate animation for running and jumping
and in the beggining you get launched off the stage for whatever reason please fix this
besides that keep it up i expect to see a full game from you soon

Ignoring 'physics experts' for a moment here.

Any sensible physics expert would tell you that Portal, as a game, is pretty patently impossible anyway.

That said, there are a number of problems with the game. If you touch the exposed wire/flame thingy, you get launched further than you can jump on your own. Add to that the fact that there's really nothing to do except walk through the portals over and the fact that if you happen to slip off one of the edges accidentally you just keep falling in a field of white forever and can't even portal back up, and it becomes something that pretty quickly becomes tiresome.

Now, putting all that aside, it 'is' a decent little "proof-of-concept" piece. You've proven that you can create a mobile entry/exit point system, which I don't expect was simple to work out the code for. Now how about taking that system, and working it into an in-depth game, with time put into all angles of it, from coding to art to sound? I'm assuming you've got the coding ability, seeing as you were able to come up with a workable portal system. If you don't have the same confidence in your artistic or vocal abilities, then why not collaborate with some friends who have those talents?


this game is broken thus i am blammin it ;_; sorry