Reviews for "Game 103 RPG Complete"

Functional, but vapid gamplay and poor graphics

Let me start with the beginning.

The main menu is decent. The buttons you made look not too bad; however, this could really do with some sprucing up. Add your character's picture to it, "building" the so-called enhancements to the town! Anything is possible. The main menu is the opening impression you give others when you play the games and it should make people feel interested!

As for the story line, it was... disappointing. What motive would the mayor want to do this? Is the town in shambles? Are the workers displeased with their environment? Add some backbone to it. A voice acted cutscene would probably work better here.

As for the actual gameplay, I found it excessively boring. All you really are doing is getting money by playing three games, improving building skill so that you can use the shop more effectively.

I commend you for a functional game, there seems to be no immediate glitches in the three money-earning games. However, they're really boring as well.

1st game - Dodging these... angry squares. A background would be nice... as well as an explanation. How does dodging squares yield money? Why are they attacking you? Maybe add a variety of enemies, or add more detail to them. Perhaps even a weapon to fend off some of them temporarily for surviving 25 seconds? The possibilities are endless.

2nd game - It's a working game, but that's about it. The character moves really slowly unless you hold down the arrow key for about two seconds. A consistent move rate would help here. On top of that, he flies right off the side, which gets irritating.

3rd game - Something rather atypical here. Instead of catching the guy with the platform, we move HIM to the platform. It was interesting. Again, I must stress that a constant move speed is necessary here, just like in the second game.

I might want to include that it would be better to make a building called "Arcade" and placing instructions on a clickable button rather than reading them in the game itself. Adding a level of complexity to the games here would be better.

As for fido, I can't even tell what you're doing here. You click somewhere to get him to move to a yellow ball, which yields cash. Again, it makes absolutely no sense. I assumed that the red thing was dog food, and I went after it, so I went after it, and I got negative points, which confused me. I thought of the points as how well I took care of the dog, not how much money I got from my interactions with him.

I liked buying the accessories, but it was ridiculous. I wasted my money on three of them, but only one of them (the last one I bought) was worn on my character. Even worse is that the other two couldn't be accessed anymore.

Lastly, the drag and drop thing is kind of nice. I liked how you coded it so that the game recognized that you were busy dragging things, so you don't accidentally go of playing a game after you crossed the game room. Not bad.

Here are some major things to improve:

1. Graphics. This is a big one. Every drawn object in this game is either hideously inaccurate, or well, overly basic. For the grass in the main menu, add some flair and detailing. Make the sidewalks rough, textured and unique. Add some detail to the buildings. (The Paint-Inside tool is really handy here, use it!) It will make the experience much more inviting.

2. The gameplay is overly ambiguous. Clarify things like all interactions with the dog and what the controls are. (when I started, I tried to move the guy with the arrow keys... nothing)

3. Make the game more exciting. For example, Fido gets sick. Make a vet's office. Then when he gets better, buy dog food for him. Simulate health and happiness levels for him. The game right now is overly simple.

4. Some things just don't make sense. As a mayor, you aren't the one building things. You oversee the carpenters and designers making it. Mayors should be working with investments and propaganda, not field work.

Overall, this game is not well designed and quite boring. With some major polishing, you could have a pretty good game.


Much more content than last time!
The only bug I could find is in the green-box dodging game.. after the first wave, the compete right 1/3rd of the screen never has any more falling blocks, so you could just sit there and rack up cash.