Reviews for "Game 103 RPG Complete"

Game 103 RPG Incomplete

Needs some form of instruction and less randomization in the games. Definitely need to go more in-depth with some things, I had no idea what the hell I was doing half of the time. Graphics need a ton of improvement, they look like placeholders.

hallaby responds:

i think it really doesnt need much explaining, but yeh my grapchis are bad, looking for a good artsist to work with me on the final


good effort was boring.
Found a glitch in game one, i could make my way to the right side of the screen and the green blocks would stop falling in that area so you could walk away from your computar as you stockpile money, tried it twice and it worked

pretty cool

this is pretty cool, good concept and though the graphics are kid like it still is cool a litttle bit of stuff to buuy and the music was cool, it needs work but its look allright but just needs work man, very unique "STay Up"


I like how you started from scratch to make this game and it's unique in this sense but you might want to clean up the graphics a bit by using sprites from websites on the web. Another thing that might improve the game but others find annoying, would be to include background music and if you do include music be sure to provide the option to turn it off. Best of Luck in the future!

hallaby responds:

ya, bur if I used sprites on the web id have to credit everyone and things would get hard :

Could have done better.

It would have been a good attempt, but a lot of the buttons like the "play game" buttons don't work.

hallaby responds:

wow, yes they do, maybe you were in the car? you have to collide with the button too.