Reviews for "Game 103 RPG Complete"

A very basic game. Needs better animation, graphics and more content.

Needs something..

It's great, but it needs some battles, and a story line.. It was great though!

Improved a TON.

Your game has improved alot from the first version. And hatemachinery is correct. If you add a little bit more stuff in, and put a few more days worth of work into it, then it really could be front page news. One last thing, can you tell me the cheats? Lol. Well, since your willing to give them out to people, you may as well just put them on the bottom of the authors comments thing. Great job!

--To Moarx--
Dude, get a life. Its a fun game. I bet you couldn't make anything better.

hallaby responds:

k ill post the cheats here
greenback - million dollars
woodframe - 10000 skill
newmayor - ultimate town

You just made my day...

That was a lot of fun :P I know it's not the best game in the world, but it was a lot of fun to play. ;)

hallaby responds:

:) Thanks

that wasn't horrible

all you need is some more skill and this could be front page material.

Great attempt, though. Keep trying.

hallaby responds: