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Reviews for "I_E - Golden Sun: Jenna Battle"

Nice work

I remember when I first played GS2; and I was like... "Whoa" when her battle theme came up, and then I was like... we get to have one-person battles right off the bat? Score! Like I said, nice work.




I played the game that took your music on newgrounds, remembered it, then heard it on golden sun 2 about 3 days after having it stuck in my head and not being able to remember where i heard it....lol
very good, better then the original in my opinion...


This song is from when you play Jenna by herself at the start, you can also listen to it by having her in the 1st party slot, same with Felix and Isaac I believe. Or you might need Felix / Isaac in the 2ed party and her in the 1st, I forgot.

Great work!

Which program did you use? Fantastic stuff and instruments, though I prefer the "Be Strong!"-version (youtube number L3p5CuGqj00) for some parts of your remix were a bit messy.