Reviews for "Skyrim - Rock."

that was so awesome i cant even start to explain how good it was.. should have been longer, it was totally worth listening to

just amazing

The day that Skyrim becomes out of fashion is the day Elder Scrolls VI comes out.
Which won't be for a while.

Keep making stuff like this, except maybe a little longer. xD

Awesome! I love Skyrim and metal, so both of them together creates an unbeatable composition. =D What program did you use to record and mix the track?

squiral responds:

I used Mixcraft 7!! :D

To channel my favorite '80s goofballs: Excellent!

I'm curious though, was this made on physical instruments or with digital tools?

squiral responds:

It was recorded with physical instruments, My ibanez Gio Guitar and a shitty bass guitar :L