Reviews for "Skyrim - Rock."

it was short ,but man that was awesome!!!

This was really nice mix of rock and still being able to hear and feel the skyrim sounds.

please make it longer... atleaste 1:30 - 3:00 miniutes please.. if you do, this will be a great hit, thats a promise. also im really interested in this track, and i want to put this on my ipod, but its simply not long enough.. so please edit this and extend the song.

Great job man :)

squiral responds:

Hey thanks!, and well the problem is i dont currently have a bass guitar, so i cant make anything new :(
Ill try when i do get one!

Awesome remix, even though i NEVER played skyrim or any other elder scrolls.

Ttrue to the game and true to the taste of rock.
Wish it was longer.... -_-