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Reviews for "Portal Defenders"

Best ever!!!

Practically perfect in every way!! I can't wait to play more and see who else is going to get his/her spam booty annihilated!!!

Beautiful animation, superb concept (we ALL hate those blasted spam fools!!!) great soundtrack, just plain excellent!!!

The Best Game on NG

I am going to show this to all my friends.

An amazing and addictive game with awesome gameplay.

Work well paid off. :)

Wadolf is a crazy mofo

I keep lagging, even with low quality, by the time I reach him. Some of the achievements really -are- hard to get. The bomb thing is annoying since Krinkel's zombies are never-ending. Tom really needs a long weapon like Dan, because it's somewhat harder in that way to keep enemies off. I know Tom has more life, but Dan's lower life bar makes it even harder than me. The walkthrough doesn't help too much, since some of the strategies you come up with are things you realize. I noticed a glitch in the programming, as well. If an enemy uses a long-range attack on you, you can eat an organ to stop the attack from reaching you. I only noticed this once though, but it -may- be exploited for those of you with better computers and better reflexes. Can anyone else actually get five brains to even appear? I love this game. Out of the Dad n' Me game, the train fighting game, and the beard crashing game, this really takes the cake for best epic game. You actually get more bosses, and the lack of power ups and attacks actually forces you to strategize more. Of course, the simple push them into walls or come from above/below tactice for these kind of games usually works anyways. I'm going to lose more sleep trying to beat Wadolf. Great game! Loved the animation, the sound effects, everything! I know that despite my laggy computer, this game really -would- deserve a 10 and a 5/5.


good game great job but the final boss is apelative


so close i coulden't beet the finel boss

tips:big fussy kitten: kill his minons then keep pounding him and don't stop

psycho goldfish: kill minons and then attack back up attack repeat.(jump alot)

mindchamber:kill minons then its the same as goldfish

stamper and jeff: attack stamper once he is in balloon form kill jeff then stamper

wadolf:the best i got is to not attack the zombes