Reviews for "Portal Defenders"


this is probably the best game I played in a while
but theres only one thing ..

Awesome game!! :D

Even if I can kill Wadolf easily I still can't find 5 brains!!! >.< There are tips for every bosses:

Tip for Wadolf: I noticed that a lot of times, he teleport BEHIND you (if there's enough place). I even have been able to kill him before he called the zombies. You don't really need to be fast. (I did it with Bob, so...) Make sure that if you try to kill the zombies, there isn't anymore guts. If they eat those, they will be healed.

Tip for BigFuzzyKitten: go under him and when he summon that giant ball go to the south and wait for him to come on the red X. He will take his own attack.

Tip for Mindchamber: approach him carefully from south and attack him very quickly.

Tip for Stamper and Jeff: run away from them and when one of them is in your reach, attack! (they don't have a long range, except for the Hadouken)

Tip for Psycho-Goldfish: you can do the tip that was for Mindchamber or wait for him to do a punch. Dodge it, jump and attack. You can also wait for his laugh to throw him a bomb or his long range attack.


I love this game you two. Whats more, i finally have a game where i can take revenge on those damn KK guys who are bent on spamming this site with crap. Hats off to you and a 5/5 and 10/10


Man, that game was awesome, but hard, and awesome.

Everyone likes a good game--this is one of them

Because it's a Castle Crasher-like game, coupled with the fact that it has an Achievement System, i give it all my 5, and a 10/10!

It has the same feeling as Castle Crashers, but not as intense, and you don't get spammed by fireballs every 10 miliseconds!

It's kinda funny seeing all these guys hitten cats with a pen, a spoon--i won't reveal the rest--and using the Castle crashering fighting style base to do it. I also like how challenging it is... Getting Achievements, and fighting the bad-guys, it shows that you spent time in this game and want the best players(no offense intended towards people that some call "not best") to have something to babble about for weeks on in.
Love it.