Reviews for "Portal Defenders"

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This Game Is Awesome! Its Kinda Like My Xbox 360 Castle Crashers. I Love Both Game's!

It won't let me even play. Everything is normal at first... but when I tried pressing "A", guess what? Nothing happened. I could move around, but not attack. Also I couldn't Jump. I tried refreshing the page three $*&@ing times!!! YES, THREE TIMES! Still doesn't work. Idk if a recent update broke it or everybody is full of bull here, but it is basically unplayable.

ok so im not actually into these kind of games but, i really really liked this.

the music is quite edgy, wish each round would play a different tune, would really make you want to really win each round more, like a build up

graphics and colours of the textures were spot on everything is seeable and easy to read simple but bold

i love the movements of all the characters

the buttons are easy to use (thank god for that)

i love how you actually get to clean up all that blood gore yourself after. thats unique

i can see the effort made in every little bit of this game down to its fighting effects.