Reviews for "Portal Defenders"

This game is so AWESOME!! because it has many medals :P

playing games that cheers me up

HACK AND SLASH TIL THERE ALL DEAD people call the music edgy even though if you think about it 2000-2009 were edgy times invader zim was a show that came at right time it was edgy the first episode was aired in 2001 and the show completely ended in 2006 it was ok to be edgy back then this game was created in 2009 and the game is fun its practicly a hack and slash like castle crashers

Man, Mindchamber is really unfair, he's really fast, despite his weight, he has too many ranging attacks, he is WAAYY too big and covers up too much space for you to focus on the smaller enemies, and I swear his push towards you is overpowered as hell. Seriously, this fight is so unfair.

The game itself is fun, but the bosses difficulty should be toned down a bit, they're pretty hard, and Mindchamber is only the 3rd boss! Goldfish would also make you die a lot, but nothing compares to Mindchamber.

ranksneeded plis shoot ,me