Reviews for "The Woes of Marsh"

A Genius is Born!

Cal Slater is simply brilliant. I've watch him grow as an artist over the past few years and am more amazed with each new product. Tim Burton, watch out!


Thats the only word I could discride this great artwork.


Nicley done! I love it!


That was incredible. I haven't seen something so deep and meaningful in a long time. The animation was of you're own style, but really suited the atmosphere you created. Atmosphere which sucks you right in the impressive story. The music was a great choice as well. Everything seemed to fall right into place. The sounds were ok, but seeing how all the other stuff eclipsed them, it might as well have been without. Anyway, the concept was great, there was a lot of psychology there. Really gave me something to think about.
All in all, a great movie. And yes i said movie, because this was more than just your usual flash. It was truly beautiful. Great job!

nice work

wish i had speakers though...

calslater responds:

thats ok it works without speakers