Reviews for "Code Monkey Tycoon"

Good, but needs work.

There's a really good base here, but there are plenty of things you can improve upon. The graphics are excellent; I think someone said earlier that it was "pretty," and that's about right. Gameplay was decent, but got a little slow after awhile. If you do a 2.0 (which it seems like you're going to do), here's what I would suggest.

Major things:
-Let us name our games. Please.
-Let us pick our genres. Please.
-The "team" aspect didn't really seem important--I just set one team to develop and one team to research, then when the research was done, I just had everyone develop on one gigantic team.
-Advertising didn't seem to do a lot--maybe I just missed it, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

Minor stuff:
-I'd love it if you changed the scrolling so I didn't have to click the down arrow 3000 times to get to the bottom of a list. Maybe let us grab the scrollbar?
-The music got on my nerves. A lot. Just got repetitive--I ended up putting my computer on mute. Either give us a mute option or switch the music up a bit.
-Reviews. I couldn't seem to look at reviews of my older games, then immediately go to newer games. I'd have to leave the menu, then go back into it and click on the game that I wanted.
-By the same token, names. All the names were the same. This would be fixed if you let us name our own games.

-How about a top-score type thing? Maybe have "highest earning games" or something?
-If you did that, put in a "retire" button or something--just so we feel that we've had some sort of ending aside from just x-ing out the window.
-It might be kind of nice to be able to customize our company with a specific name or logo or something--I don't know much about Flash, so I don't know how much space all this would take up, but I'm just kinda thinking out loud.

I think that's all I have right now... if you'd like, PM me with any ideas, I'd be happy to give my input.

thomas-devon responds:

Brilliant suggestions, Roko.
We will probably implement most of the features you mentioned. Game naming is one of our major concerns right now.
Advertising does make a big difference in multiplayer and serious games, but we will probably remake this feature.
The "retire" feature is a great feature, it will allow us to feel better when finishing the game (I don't like to end up as a street musician either). I'm sure the graphic artist won't mind implementing this.
Thanks for playing.


Unless I'mmissing something then you have no way to train guys skills eight? how can I work for ten years and not learn somethin =P more techs, and add descriptions would beh nice too

thomas-devon responds:

We initially planned to make the game so that you had to fire people and hire others with better skills. However, you are right that a person should learn something after several years.
We will probably add mouseover descriptions on the tech tree.
Thanks for reviewing. :)


It's very slow to start but it gets better. I absolutely LOVE tycoon games, this is the first good one I've seen on Newgrounds. Well, there are only 3 other ones or something but this is still great, and I'm more then looking forward to a 2nd one.

A few suggestions:

-Get rid of the icons for games, those are annoying and not really necessary.
-Add a toggle switch for the music.
-Let us name our games instead of having the same names picked for us over and over.
-Show us what countries are buying the most from us and let us pick which ones we can ship our games to.
-Let us make deals with other video game companies and possibly merge with them.

thomas-devon responds:

Thanks for the comments, we will definitely add (2) and (3) in 2.0. We were also planning to change the game logo system.
I liked your suggestions regarding the countries and company merges. They could add an interesting aspect to the gameplay.
Thanks for playing!

Needs some work

It was a really fun game but became boring quickly. You had to constantly check if your teams were working on something, scrolling down long menus took ages and for some reason all my advertising settings would mysteriously reset themselves to 0.

Otherwise a good game but version 2.0 needs to make it so you dont have to micro manage everything so much.

thomas-devon responds:

Thanks for the comments, we will try to reduce the amount of micromanagement for 2.0.
Regarding the advertisements - they are independent for each game, so they will reset to 0 if you click on a different (new) game.

Great Game

Very nicely done. I would only suggest to allow for teams to constantly be working on projects, if I assign them there; similar to the situation in the lab. This is because, it sometimes felt like I had to check every 5 seconds to see if the project was finished.

Other than that, I thought the game was fantastic, and look forward to 2.0.

thomas-devon responds:

We are glad that you liked the game.
I agree with you that teams should behave intelligently and pick the next project on the list. We initially removed that feature because quality sometimes depends on the team's skills, so it could be penalised if a bad group began working on the project list. After seeing that most people would prefer it, we might add it to the game.
Thanks for your insightful comments.