Reviews for "Code Monkey Tycoon"


Excelent game in the begining is hard & frustrasting but in the end is imbresive, I won 104,578,932,66 $ playing for 2 hours, after that i get bored

great game, but gets boring

It's a really impressive game, but after about the 5 million mark it gets pretty boring

but its a great game until then...the idea is great, the graphics are superb, but the music is very repetetive
the first time you play you'll probably go bankrupt, but after that you can figure out that you just need to get alot of lab work b4 you make your first game
this is a very impressive game!
tho I would like a possibility to decorate your office and maybe actually show your employees in the actual game besides just the pictures
but other than that, its a really good game

Victory by sleep.

Started the game, shoved my worker into a group and assigned it to the lab.

Took a nap.

Woke up, all the research was done. No money gained/lost.

Assigned free person to hardest project, took another nap.

Woke up to find around 400million on my hands.

Maxed out merchandising options.
Bought every worker currently available.
Made 2nd game, this time all the bars became green so fast that the progress bar was ignored. And the game finished.

A short while later I had around 400 Billion.

Congratulations on making a game I can win while sleeping. ^_^

Rating: Standard

Game Idea: Standard
Gameplay: Standard
Animation: Awesome
Audio: Standard
Backround Music: Standard
Game type: Tycoon
Comments: A simple tycoon game based on the code monkeys show
For the Maker: this was okay it was just too easy


that song gets anouing add a function to turn it off and it will be all 10