Reviews for "Code Monkey Tycoon"

Pretty Good

It is a fun game that with a few adjustments to the formula would be a great game, my only wish is to make the game much more in depth because it seemed to be too easy....maybe make it to where you can only research one thing at a time instead of multiple and make it to where you can pick a certain aspect of a game to focus on, also, how about being able to name your games yourself because when i played i got the same name for a game at least 6 times...also how us being able to pick what type of game we want to make instead of it just picking for you. Also, just one more thing, how about making the game more strategic by making making competitive companies and having the industry chage to where gamers want certain things more than others?

I liked it

I enjoyed the games, but there are some faults.... When you accidently scroll down, you have to start all over because your browser crashes... And you need to put a little bit more detail into the names.... I made 3 games and the names to all of them were
Mountains of history
Truth of history
(and something else but i forgot i just know it had "history" in it)
Other then that, I enjoyed the game, it was a great idea of a game.

Great concept

This is a really great concept for a game but as others have said it does have flaws. The tutorial seemed rushed and didn't explain everything i wanted to know. The music is VERY annoying and i found myself turning my speakers off. Apart from that and the clicking issues it's a great game.

Great game, but...

This game is a great contribution to Newgrounds, but one of its major flaws is that is never ending. It would be a higher appraised game if it did have some sort of a goal. This would hold the gamers attention much longer and be more productive in terms of ratings. But all in all, good game.

Good Game But Numerous Flaws

You have a great concept here but there were numerous design flaws that keep this game from being great. First of all, the music was repetitive and extremely annoying. You must add a mute feature in the next version or in your next game.

Besides the sound, the scroll bars did not work well and required numerous clicks rather than being able to hold down the buttons or use the scroll wheel on the mouse. In terms of the actual game, there are many ways to exploit it such as gaining all of the lab research immediately with your free employee and then being able to beat the game very easily. These exploits need to be fixed to improve the depth and replayability of the game.

In sum, this is an amazing start and solid engine so I hope that you implement some of my advice and create an amazing sequel!