Reviews for "Code Monkey Tycoon"

Very Hard

Honestly, I find it very hard to get going. The employee's salaries are way too high, and find myself bankrupt almost within 2 or 3 game years (even if I furiously make games)

Annoying music

Needs a mute button bad

the greatist idea ever

but probally the game that could use the most improvement ever dude for one make better instructions but also make a shit load more features so it doesnt get so repetitive so quick i like the idea that u dont win u just make more money but u need some serious improvement o it doesnt get boring so quick but still man this game could be ranked 1st if u just give 100% effort and take some time


Name The Path Of Life
Type Flash MMO
Genre Shooter

... pretty much the most amazing coincidence ever lol anyways fun game... :)


not bad.. ..