Reviews for "Code Monkey Tycoon"

I see this was made in 2009, but really, the game is okay-ish.

This game is unpolished and is a mess. It's a good idea but Game Corp is 50000 times better.

Rather ironic that a game about making games does not have a mute button. There are no time controls. The salary changes do not work. Employees do not increase in skill. Even when the tech tree is maxed, the reviews still ditch the games. Therefore, my review will mirror yours. I wouldn't recommend for my dog to play this.

It really needs more automation, right now it just feels like I am sitting at the project management screen clicking the button over and over again and watching money come in, if I could assign a team to permanently work on everything I put in the queue then I could spend more time on the other aspects of the game instead of just repeating the button pressing thing...

How come when i make games the money seem to keep decreasing, I don't get it...