Reviews for "Code Monkey Tycoon"

cool simulator

I didn't get too far into playing it because I am somewhat tired right now and dont have the focus for a game like this right now, I put it in my favorites though, so I can delve deeper into the gameplay later on, from what I did see, the graphics and sound were excellent, and I noticed this right off the bat, The Entire system of the game looks quite complex and like it would be a VERY fun game to play cause I'm really into games like this. I'm excited to play it more hopefully tomorrow, but so far great game, I enjoyed playing it even if for a short time

thomas-devon responds:

Thanks for your review, we are glad that you liked the graphics (it was a nightmare to render all those images).
We will be modifying the gameplay according to users' suggestions (clicking so much can be painful after a few hours), but the general spirit of the game will remain the same.

Nice Flash idea

That was a really cool idea. I love the Tycoon Serie over all, and a Tycoon in Flash with such a nice music and graphic... just love it. moooore please!

thomas-devon responds:

Thanks for your comments, we hope you have a good time playing.
See you again in Code Monkey Tycoon 2.0!

great idea and graphics

truly a great idea, reminded me of GameBiz. however, my issues were that time is constantly flowing, so you have no time to think and make a strategy. that you could not name your game. that you could not pick what to research, and that the interface is a little clunky. very professional game, but it needs some work to be truly great. 5/5 8/10.

thomas-devon responds:

Thank you for your constructive review.
We are currently working on version 2 of the game, and will definitely take your suggestions into account. Thanks for sharing them.

It's pretty. Kinda like Sticky Notes.

The graphics are good. The sound is good. The interface works well. It LOOKS great.

However, it's way too complex to be entertaining. If I wanted teams and training, I'd be at work.

The tutorial was only a basic overview, but after completing it, I was still lost.

This'll probably get thru the Portal because it's 'pretty,' but that's really it. As far as entertainment goes, this needs a team to be created that will research and develop an entertaining game.

Certainly a lot of fun...

Everything was perfect, I espicially enjoyed the music.

If I were to suggest anything at all, it would be to have missions. "Create a game that makes over X dollars".

I'm going back to play some more... :) Good Job

thomas-devon responds:

Thank you for your review. :)
Missions were initially planned, but we discarded them due to their complexity. We might add them again.