Reviews for "PONGPONG2"

it's ok

better than pong pong 1, I liked how you added the customizable features. but the music was just kinda annoying. Highly suggest adding a mute and pause button. and maybe a tune or two from the newgrounds audio section. the game play seemed ok, though once or twice the ball would get stuck along the top or bottom border and just travel straight across untill the evil laugh came in and ball was reset. also maybe try adding a background or some sort of border to help distinguish the edge of the playing field

not bad

simple. i didnt really like the music much, but its good for what it is.

Would be fun-

My problem is the number of glitches. Could you please try to fix the following?

- Ball getting stuck in the "paddle" (rectangle) and continueing to go past you.
- Ball getting stuck in a place it will never move (it bounces back and forth and you and the ai both can't move.

Couple things

Obviously, it's nothing original. But then again, it's not trying to be. I wish I saw a little something more, though. Power-ups, characters, choose a crazy background or something, anything just to take it away from being plain old pong. I had some problems with the ball being jammed in the middle of my paddle and having to reopen. A couple of new ideas to this classic would be nice, but the best adive for your next submission: Come up this an original concept.

Prime example of unoriginality fatality.

0 originality
low graphics and isn't it ID10T not I33T