Reviews for "The Dragon and the Wizard"

it was good!

i liked it but at the same time it was hard to find some of the missing objects .

Not really challenging

Not really hard, but very fun, and the music was
Great job, I like this!

Very original

This puts a new spin on spot the difference games :D The art is very well done and i didnt get bored of it, there was always something there to keep me going until i finished the game :) Awesome work, keep it up!


so K what is that lord of the rings, where fordo am pipen?? or the big smelly troll, or the big battle with everything in it even ghust??

its to kiddy but its fun I guess.

pretty cool

The best difference game I've ever played. I love the story line and the cool art style. btw what was that song I've heard it before....