Reviews for "The Dragon and the Wizard"

Cool game if...

Cool game if your a little bit bored. The sounds in the game was kind of bad, and the amount of time to find the mistakes is low.

this game was unbelievableyboring

it wasnt fun, the time was to short
the game didnt have any good noise
and the game style was a boring one
bad graphics


thats cool dude never played a find the difference game that went along with a story nicely done


I've always had a special place in my heart for these kinds of games, and yours was great. On top of it being pretty challenging you even added humorous little bloopers in case someone couldn't find all the differences in time, nice touch! And woo! I scored 542 in my first try without any hints! That's good right? :O

it sucks

I hated it cause,the picture was very miss leading