Reviews for "Laser Eye Surgery"

Good Short Flash

I actually liked this one, especially when the two get knocked off the cliff. Drawings were alright, nice music and SFX, looks like that guy had fun with his new eye addition.

At the risk of sounding like an idiot

I honestly laughed, very loudly, at the exact moment I realized "LAZER EYE surgery."
For having the rare skill of making me laugh, you get fifteen. The animation was extremely good, and it wasn't too short either. Anyhow. It was good.
I have to ask, did you just get the idea for this flash randomly, because Laser Eye Surgery could be quite suggestive to a flash creator.

FreekC responds:

i cant remember where i got it
i made it as a comic a couple of years ago and when i was diggin through my old stuff decided to animate it