Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

Hey, pretty neat!

That was quite interesting to watch. I really liked how it was so unpredictable, so I could never tell when it was going to end or what was about to happen. A previous reviewer mentioned that this is like doing "a collab with yourself". That's it exactly.

My favourite parts were that multicoloured "on drugs" part near the beginning and the box dance near the end.

Jae responds:

Those are by far the best in my opinion too. Thanks !

Last time you were angry

Well I have to admit, for most of the beginning, i'm pretty sure you had to be high to enjoy.... lol

And btw you're rating is based on how much you improved...

Good one..mmmmmm ammmmm mmmmmmmmmmm Sex

Jae responds:

lol yus. glad you liked


Yeah the first few sence were kinda bad but the boxman saved the whole thing.

Jae responds:

word. im glad you likes SOMETHIGN!


Your animation is really good ... but REALLY fucking annoying at the same time. The over exaggerated facial features, especially the mouth, really pissed me off.

Jae responds:

haha im glad drawings made you angry, lawl


You're REALLY lucky that it got better after the first scene and the second a bit. Without that scene this is an 8. Your lucky box man saved your ass in this review :p.

Jae responds:

lol how am i lucky? I created it all. it's a collective. I'mjust showing a breadth of improvement.