Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


wow jae I remember seening most of the stuff in JA, or you showed them to me, but fuck, I didnt know it was THAT much. Like the dancing sequence from boxman, lol excelent work, and lol how you always start saying that you are bored. Its a pretty great collection of works you did just for practicing.

I also agree on the wapanese thing, glad you grew out of it, Im also amazed that this is great anim work and yet is old, so now youre like years ahead of this.

Thanks for the inspiration jae, sorry abooot your compy.

Jae responds:

Vinnie you're the man. Youre a great inspiration and an amazing snimator. thank you.


ive been practicing making animations, but this brough many new ideas to mind... this was such an amazing work im glad to have spent my time watching this masterpiece.

Jae responds:

Man. That means a lot to me, dude! Thanks! Seriously, a masterpiece? Thanks, man. really.


Yknow, that was brilliant. Loved every bit. The length was great too.

Jae responds:

thank you, sir.

the box man was awesome!!!

this vid was another awesome random but maybe could you please make it i little bit longer cause i got sad wen it was over

Jae responds:

Haha it's too long as it is. That's the reason the sound begins to go out of synch. Thanks for the review, man!

dude I've been looking for this since leafworthy!

I remember you posted this forever ago, and I went back awhile ago to find the link broken =(. The Boxman dance is amazing, and the song is "I My Me Mine" by the Polysics. I love your other work too, and I definitely remember my Japan stage. Can't wait for new work.

Jae responds:

I am working on something really neat o: