Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


Random, but you warned me about that so I loved it. Very cool, you should make a box man series an the cartoons are awesome I love it! =D

Jae responds:

Thanks man. I wish more people liked it :D

Right on

Haven't seen any of your work since JA died. Makes me miss watching everyone's boxman animations. Good stuff. Hope you're still doin your thing.

Jae responds:

I definitely am. I remember you, too! How have you been? (PM)

Ha ha!!!

All scenes was very awesome!!! Especially dancing box-man and dancing box banana ^_^

But Emo-bot - ......FUUUUUUUU......IT WAS NOT SO FUNNY!!! - IT's SAD!!! >:(

In anyways you make a good collab of your works! ^_^

One little question - you do it by your own, right? How you can submit your swf by size like more than 9.9mb? You are very popular or you just have any prise posibilities at NG?

Jae responds:

you actually have to email tom. he helped me post this! thanks for the review

=D =D =D

WOW dude that was amazing, i really did hope it wouldnt end, cant wait to show all my mates this madness! =D good job and ur on my Fav list for lifejavascript:submission_controller.
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Jae responds:

thank you im glad you watched!!


i love the box dance

Jae responds:

Yeah man, that was my favorite part as well.