Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


thanks for inspiring me... thanks a lot :(

Jae responds:



Your a god of Random animations.

With all your ideas mixed into one big animation it seems like your a god of random anmations in itself:) Way to go:) i'm pretty random in real life so i understand this:)

Jae responds:

Haha thats so cool man. I'm no God but thanks for the compliment.

What this reminds me of

Is if you did a colab... with yourself... I don't really know what your self colab would fall under because everything *cough* does not make sense. However if it was a not make sense colab I think this would fit right in! Did that make sense? I hope so >.>
You have neato animation and the two guys talking about the emo robot reminded me of those old "Bonus Stage" flash cartoons a little lol.

Jae responds:

Haha that's a good point. I like that I can see the progression, too.


pretty funny all in all...

also...polysics at the end, right?

Jae responds:

correct. thanks!

Made me chuckle

EMO tron. hahaha :D

Nice animation with the dancing.

Jae responds:

D thanks man, haha. EMOTRON is the first robot with emotions installed, but theyre only sad and depressed. Nobody wants that sort of robot, even if he's a breakthrough in modern science/technology!