Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


I had fun watching that. Man u sure must have been trippin for most of it.

Jae responds:

Haha. :D

A treat for the eyes

Very excellent work. It was down right hilarious in some parts, and all-around visually appealing. I especially liked how you managed to showcase several different styles. although I thought some of the transitions were a tiny bit obnoxious

Jae responds:

Yeah I agree... I wanted to make a good transition but it didnt seem to work out.

i can tell from watching parts of that

that you like anime, i love FLCL^^ great job

Jae responds:

Anime is neat. My friend Nanoko HATES FLCL and he used to flame anyone who mentioned it. Its sort of an inside forum joke

Hey, pretty neat!

That was quite interesting to watch. I really liked how it was so unpredictable, so I could never tell when it was going to end or what was about to happen. A previous reviewer mentioned that this is like doing "a collab with yourself". That's it exactly.

My favourite parts were that multicoloured "on drugs" part near the beginning and the box dance near the end.

Jae responds:

Those are by far the best in my opinion too. Thanks !


At first I was thinking front page? But that was really good. You definitely have one of the coolest art styles iv' seen.

Jae responds:

Thanks man. I am glad you can dig my style BD