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Reviews for "Armored Fighter"

Great game

the graphics are really cool and the game is fun to play.

great game!

Holy crap. The graphics are amazing for a flash game that doesn't slowdown when a bunch of objects get on the screen. I'm still working to get better at it, but great game!


nothing to new or interesting..

Very badass

It's very reminiscent of MECHWARRIOR 2, MECHWARRIOR: MERCENARIES, and MECHWARRIOR 4. Very good graphics, kick ass game, just try to get some more mechs in the game please?


Awesome gameplay and kickass graphics, really great sound effects too, my only gripe is that everything is sooooo frikken small, and really "eye-strainy" It was fun but I had to stop playing it cause it was giving me a headache to deal with the tiny graphics for the people. This game is really like a 9 or 10 quality, but the small size really detracts from the overall quality.