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Reviews for "Armored Fighter"

Gets repetitive but it's really good

This is outstanding, great graphics and gameplay although it gets laggy for me.


Good game, just a little too repetitive


Excellent graphics.
Great concept.
Fairly intuitive.

I don't seem to get the effects of the Freeze powerup when I use it.
Perhaps because for me (unlike other users it seems) the game -does- slow down at times.


Good, the graphics where great, the powerups where very good (But a litle scarce further into the game). Did get a little laggy once the helicopters started dropping all the rocket guys. And without any powerups, (as I said they get quite scarce) my gun just wasnt cooling down fast enough to cope with the miss's caused by the lag and hitting the enemies.


the graphics where great but, the gameplay was pretty repetetive...
also a jump feature or something like that would be nice
maybe different guns...