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Reviews for "Armored Fighter"


Eh, its fine and all but there's just no point to it. How about you give the player a real objective next time? some missions or something? as it is it's basically a defense game with legs... making it a kinda offense game. the visuals and stuff is great and so is the design of the mech so ill give you points on that alone, but how about some realisim? im not sure that the military in the future is trained to engage massive bipedal fighters with just a shit load of grenades.

Very nice.

I'm gonna start off with saying these: "It's good to see a character with a 360 degree attack radius whose arm/gun doesn't just simply rotate" the extra effort really makes a difference to me.

At Cyplode34: I was sort of annoyed when my weapon was overheating super-fast too, but I'm equipped with the means to inject coolant and freeze kits for a reason, it feels like you were expected to manage your powerups more than just hold your mouse button down and put your cursor over what you want dead for the entire game. Managing Rockets and Powerups for when huge waves show up give the game depth.

As far as my review of the game itself, most of the animarions were well done, and although the gameplay does have a lot to it, it's still fun to play.

One tip I might give you from one designer to another, if you're not going to have depth of story, you'll want to fill that gap with mayham or amazing visuals.
(As an example: shooting enemy rockets would cause them to spin out, crash and damage/destroy anything they land on, rather than just explodiings, aand so on. Or have the destroyed aircrafts crash into and damage the buildings behind the playfield.)

Great game though, keep up the good work.


There was so much going on that not only did my computer lagg out but so did my eyes.
But, im sure if my computer was better then im sure id love it!
Keep it up!

Great game, but....

When your weapon hits the point of overheating after firing for a scarce few seconds, you really begin to doubt why someone would send a robot like that out to war. It's not that this game isn't fun, it's just that having to frequently keep an eye on weapon heat is not something thats fun.

Basically a less violent Walker.

Very simple entertainment, with no real point to anything, just like good old Walker for my Amiga 500.

However, Walker had blood and gore. This does not. ;_;